Broom clynk


Broom clynk


Thanks to Andrée Jardin et Mr&Mrs CLYNK, the brushes are emerging from the closet !

With simplicity and elegance, the broom, the hand brush and the dustpan they line up thanks to their leather cord on their assorted coat hook, combining beechwood and lacquered metal.

Dimension : 130cm x 27cm x 4cm

Material : Beechwood, horsehair+PVC and natural leather


Advice for use: Andrée Jardin brushes are just like normal hair. To keep the quality steady: put the hair in soapy water, rinse with warm water, shake and leave the brush to dry at room temperature. Finally, comb the hair of the brush.

Andrée Jardin’s Tradition collection possesses the pure and out-of-time elegance that was governing the broom style of the beginning of the 20th century.

Set up in the Nantes region, Brosserie Julio has been making hand crafted high quality brushes from traditional materials since 1947. Simplicity, quality and durability are the characteristics of these products, sustainably made using father-to-son transmitted know-how.

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