Throw baby lama - Grey

PLAID BABY LAMA Gris Clair carre-WEB.jpg
PLAID BABY LAMA Gris Clair carre-WEB.jpg
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Throw baby lama - Grey

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Composition: 100% Baby Lama

Origins of the fibre: Bolivia

Size: 140 x 180cm

olour : Grey

This throw is woven from baby llama fiber originating from the mountains of the Lake Titicaca region between Bolivia and Peru.

Crafted in France by the eighth generation of artisans from a world renowned mill founded in 1808.

Care advice: dry-cleaning only. In normal condition of use, one cleaning per year is enough for a perfect hygiene. Natural fibre does not attract dust, does not retain it and does not absorb very much fatty substance.

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